15-Year-Old Connected to Gambling Ring

There are regions around the globe where online gambling is illegal & due to this illegal gambling rings thrive, making millions in secret. Malaysia, China, the Philippines & many other Asian based countries are considered to be safe havens in the illegal online gambling market as it’s far harder to be caught in the act. Luckily though these regions have begun to crack down hard on these gambling rings as it’s started to become a safety concern for innocent civilians. Recently in the Bandar Baru Permas Jaya District within Malaysia there was a gambling ring raid, one that resulted in the apprehension of a young fifteen-year-old boy.

Malaysia, China

This young boy is considered to be the head of the ring as all indicators from authority records showcase that this young man has the longest connection to this gambling ring. Him as well as six others have been detained & will be trailed within the upcoming weeks. Information also shows that this boy came from a broken home, his father had left at a young age and his mother was single. He was left to provide for the family which is what lead to this gambling ring being created in the first place.

Authorities aren’t releasing the amount of funds that have been illegal earned via this gambling ring. What is known is that 23 desktop computers were confiscated, a master computer consisting of a safety savings account of RM 50,000 was also seized by police. These computers will create connections to other gambling rings which in return will allow for the authorities to make more of a dent in the illegal online gambling market in Malaysia.

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