$83,120 Strike Gold Jackpot Won

The USA is known for its land based gambling and still known for its online gambling and to keep that history going strong a player in the USA was able to win $83,120 while playing Strike Gold, a Rival powered slot, at Deserts Nights Casino, an online casino that accepts American players. The best part about the whole situations is that the punter was only betting two dollars a spin but yet she was still able to trigger this large jackpot.

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Susan K. is the jackpot winner and she made a short statement regarding her win, her statement read as follows: “This was incredibly unbelievable, I couldn’t give you the first clue as to what I will be spending the money on. I could possibly go on a vacation but for now it is nice to know that I have a large amount of money in the bank and that I am financially stable for the time being. It has been a long time since this last happened for me.”

The Casino Manager for the Deserts Night Casino congratulated Miss. K on her jackpot win, when they brought her down from her home in Ohio they made sure to do it in style. She was provided a first class ticket and handed the check in person. They offered her a two day mini vacation at the Hilton Hotel near their main office building and she then later on went home to enjoy her new life.

Desert Nights remains as one of the few casinos that are friendly to USA players. They offers games powered by RTG.

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