888 Casino See’s Rise In Roulette Traffic

Online Roulette is a game of chance, much like the video slot and for this reason it appeals to many different kinds of online punters. Unfortunately during the last six months it has seemed that roulette has been losing some of its value in terms of player traffic. Today 888 Casino, one of the most famous providers of online roulette revealed that player traffic for their various roulette games has increased during the last two weeks. This is due to a series of new bonuses which apply to all casino games at 888 & due to some new roulette games being offered. None the less this means that roulette at 888 Casino could return to its full glory in the upcoming weeks.


Player activity rose by 23.2% during the course of the last two weeks, essentially the new year. Some of the player activity came from people making new accounts with 888 which news a new community of players are now experiencing the various games this casino has to offer. 888 Casino will have to do a number of things in order to ensure that their roulette platforms continue to remain popular as eventually without turning a profit a casino has to remove those games. Roulette is one of the more famous casino games in the world, seeing it leave one of the most popular online casinos in the globe would be unfortunate.

Those wishing to play online roulette at 888 Casino can easily do so by registering an account with them & choosing one of the multiple roulette titles they have to offer.

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