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Royal Panda Player Wins $50,000

Royal Panda is an online casino which focuses mainly on their live dealer casino games. This means their punters have access to an array of different live titles at their fingertips. One fortunate punter was able to experience the full swing of their products when he or she won $50,000 while playing at the casino.

Royal Panda  roulette

This punter wasn’t playing blackjack or baccarat, instead he was playing online roulette. Apparently this winning player is located in the United Kingdom, his personal information has yet to be revealed or won’t be in general. The winning player did reveal a short statement saying, “I’m thrilled to win, I don’t even know what to so. You never think you’ll win this kind of money while playing roulette. I don’t know what to do with this money but you can bet that it’ll take a loot of my stress away. Probably take a vacation with a girlfriend to.”

Royal Panda does offer other casino games other then live roulette. It also offers live blackjack, baccarat, keno and a variety of video slots as well. This’ll give all whom want more of a variety in their gambling experience will receive just that. In order to play at Royal Panda all that is needed is for players to sign up a player account with the casino, they’ll then be able use a valid payment method in order to complete their registration and have access to hundreds of casino games. Congratulations to the United Kingdom winning player of the $50,000.

15-Year-Old Connected to Gambling Ring

There are regions around the globe where online gambling is illegal & due to this illegal gambling rings thrive, making millions in secret. Malaysia, China, the Philippines & many other Asian based countries are considered to be safe havens in the illegal online gambling market as it’s far harder to be caught in the act. Luckily though these regions have begun to crack down hard on these gambling rings as it’s started to become a safety concern for innocent civilians. Recently in the Bandar Baru Permas Jaya District within Malaysia there was a gambling ring raid, one that resulted in the apprehension of a young fifteen-year-old boy.

Malaysia, China

This young boy is considered to be the head of the ring as all indicators from authority records showcase that this young man has the longest connection to this gambling ring. Him as well as six others have been detained & will be trailed within the upcoming weeks. Information also shows that this boy came from a broken home, his father had left at a young age and his mother was single. He was left to provide for the family which is what lead to this gambling ring being created in the first place.

Authorities aren’t releasing the amount of funds that have been illegal earned via this gambling ring. What is known is that 23 desktop computers were confiscated, a master computer consisting of a safety savings account of RM 50,000 was also seized by police. These computers will create connections to other gambling rings which in return will allow for the authorities to make more of a dent in the illegal online gambling market in Malaysia.

Live Dealer Roulette Gets an Update

Live Dealer Roulette if often considered now to be one of the best forms of gambling entertainment on the web. Unfortunately one of the downfalls of this platform is that it truly doesn’t allow for land based gambling interacting, instead all live dealer roulette is filmed with cameras with a dealer. There are no land based players wagering against them which has taken away from the fun. This is no longer an issue with the addition of “Dual Play Roulette” from Evolution Gaming.

Evolution gaming

Dual Play Roulette allows for online punters to finally interact with land based casino players. Dragonara Casino is working with a Malta based land based casino to bring this variant of live roulette. Punters online shall now be betting against punters whom are located in a land based casino. The system being employed by both Dragonara & Evolution Gaming is the same are the regular live roulette. The only difference is the cameras & microphones are being condensed so that land based players aren’t distracted.

Playtech also has updated their live roulette with “Prestige Roulette”. This variant allows for punters to depict their gameplay on the screen. Multi-camera set up with allow for players to place where they wish to look on the roulette table via a touch on the mouse on a click on a mobile touch screen device. This’ll provide a far greater interaction for Playtech roulette players.

Both of these version of roulette are currently available to be played. Evolution Gaming’s variant is only available at Dragonara Casino while Playtech’s variant is available at multiple online casinos.

Evolution Gaming Has Revenues Soar

Evolution gaming, one of the most innovative software developers currently operating in the online gambling industry has seen their revenues increase by 57% in the third quarter of this year. This percentage was noted after Evolution Gaming looked through their 2014 3Q this year. This is an astonishing increase in revenue that every betting company hopes for but very few receive.

Evolution gaming

The extra revenue Evolution Gaming accumulated throughout this third quarter is €19.5 Million which is an incredible amount of money. Throughout the last nine months revenues has soared by 52 percent and a total of €52.8 Million was earned throughout the last nine months for this company. Essentially within one year Evolution Gaming earned just shy of €70 Million which is roughly $150 Million in American Currency. Evolution Gaming has only been on the scene for a short period of time. This is thanks to this developer providing incredible games such as live roulette, live blackjack, live baccarat, live Texas Hold’Em and more. The realism within their platform makes for one of the better gambling experiences available to be played on the web.

Those whom don’t know, you can experience this platform at an array of casinos regardless if you are playing on a desktop or playing on a mobile device. Both of these platforms make for an experience that highly resembles the one you’d receive at a land based casino, the only difference is that the winning opportunities available are doubled. Sign up with a casino providing the Evolution Gaming platform today to find out more & experience everything this life software has to offer.

NYX & Royal Panda Enter Content Deal

NYX Gaming Group have revealed that Royal Panda & NYX have come to a content agreement. This deal will have an array of different games ported over to Royal Panda’s desktop platform.

NYX Gaming

Royal Panda wants to provide existing and new punters with an astonishing gambling experience. It seems that dozens of operators in the markers are beginning to realize that NYX provides one of the more elite gambling platforms. Roulette is slated to make a major splash at this online casino through the NYX OGS Platform. Various developers who’ve created roulette titles such as NextGen & Thunderkick will be available to be played. Online slots, blackjack, virtual betting and scratch cards will also be making their way to this casino.

Royal Panda understands that the United Kingdom prefers their table games over slots, this being their main territory it makes sense as to why their providing a large selection of roulette titles. This brand new casino will be launching in other territories in the upcoming twelve months but the UK will remain their main focus for the duration of the foreseeable future.

Mark Podd, the Executive Director at Royal Panda couldn’t express how pleased they are to offer the NYX OGS platform. He noted that their diverse selection of casino games provides a much needed chance in the online gambling atmosphere, an atmosphere which they want to provide to their future punters. He also noted that one day they hope to provide live roulette and live blackjack, that’ll also be in the upcoming years as well.

Evolution Gaming Licensed by Genting Casino

Evolution Gaming is continuing to become one of the more relevant software developers in the industry. This is thanks to their incredible live gaming gambling platform that is quickly being licensed by multiple casinos with each month that passes. The most recent casino to license this platform is Genting Casino. This means that all of their most popular games, the most notable being live roulette will be available at this casino in the upcoming days.

evolution gaming logo

The initial phase of this deal will have Genting Casino offering Evolution’s live roulette, live immersive roulette, live blackjack, baccarat, Texas hold’em and Three Card Poker ported over within the upcoming days. All VIP Services run through Evolution’s “Red Room” will also be available at Genting through this deal and any new games released by the software developer in the next two years will be added to Genting.

It seems that this move has been planned by this casino for a number of months right now. The managing director at Genting Casino noted that licensing this product was a part of a strategic review conducted by Genting a number of months ago. This also explains as to why they’ve been licensing a number of new platforms throughout the recent months. Those who may want to see what the new and improved Genting Casino can do with live dealer games can do so by signing up an account with them. A welcome bonus will await anyone who does as will video slots, table games, card games and arcade games.

Hanover’s Maryland Casino Being Sued

The Hanover’s Maryland Live Casino is currently being sued by a previous player who has stated that he was struck by a roulette ball that left the wheel. Due to the fact that ball was spinning so fast it caused for this young man to have a severe wound on his left eye, causing for him to suffer from blindness within his left eye.

Hanover’s Maryland Live Casino

This has caused for the injured man, Leander Stocks to sue the casino for $150,000 for one count of negligence and another $150,000 for battery. Stocks also stated that after his eye was hit by the roulette ball an employee put eye drops into his eye without his consent, causing for him to no longer properly see with his vision and then he knocked himself out by slamming against a door, causing for more injuries to be sustained. This entire lawsuit is coming off as a little sketchy and it seems that this young man is just trying to find a cash grab. There is video evidence disproving what he says, at least this is what Maryland casino has stated and they plan on bringing that footage to court once the date has been sent.

The casino tried to have this case dismissed from court though and is was denied, this means that the casino could be worried that their video evidence isn’t enough to withstand them of any funds they might have to pay. None the less it seems that this is going to court and the judge on that day will decide as to who is telling the truth.

Roulette Royale Jackpot Won!

For the first time within the history of “Roulette Royale” the progressive jackpot available with this slot has been won. This extremely lucky gambler was able to win $440,353 while playing this game. In order to trigger the progressive jackpot on this game it’s required that the player land on the same winning number five times in a row. A task which seems hard but more than possible.

Roulette Royale

Unfortunately Microgaming has opted out of releasing all the details regarding this jackpot win. As of right now we are unaware as to who triggered this progressive or where the casino was won. Microgaming did reveal a statement made by the winning player saying, “It’s an honor to be the first winner of this progressive. I’m now going to retire early and enjoy the rest of my days”. This brief but simple statement said it all for those who win large amounts of money.

This roulette game has been available on the market since December of 2009. The reason it took so long for the progressive to be won is because Microgamings popularity comes from their video slots mainly and not their table games. None the less this is an impressive win that’ll spark more interest for this roulette titles.

Those who want to try out this fun, smooth and impressive roulette game can do so at any online casinos supporting the Microgaming platform. This roulette game doesn’t run on a network progressive which means that another casino could have a progressive worth $500,000 up for grabs right now!

JackpotJoy Breaks United Kingdom Advertising Laws –


JackpotJoy, one of the more popular United Kingdom based online casinos has been charged a small fine due to running an advertisement that goes against the UK Laws. This offending TV spot got a series of complaints from multiple people around the UK which prompted this investigation and ultimately the fine.

This TV Spot which showcased online roulette, blackjack, slots, poker and arcade games also noted that there are ten thousand jackpots won every hour and that ten thousand Euro’s is once at least one time every hour. The UK Advertising Standards Authority stated that this is false information and that was misleading and could never possibly be backed up. Unfortunately this is true as there is no online casino in the world that has ten thousand jackpots won every hour and it’s just as unlikely that the casino would have ten thousand Euro’s won every hour on the hour.

As a result of this misleading and offending advertisement JackpotJoy has been charged with a small fine of one thousand euro’s and they’re no longer allowed for run the advertisement in the current form. They must also greatly amend the current advertisement where it’ll then be reviewed by the ASA, if the ASA approves then JackpotJoy can run their new advertisement without any issues.

We shall keep you informed as to what JackpotJoy plans on doing or if they plan on making a statement to their United Kingdom based players for their false claims.

888 Casino See’s Rise In Roulette Traffic

Online Roulette is a game of chance, much like the video slot and for this reason it appeals to many different kinds of online punters. Unfortunately during the last six months it has seemed that roulette has been losing some of its value in terms of player traffic. Today 888 Casino, one of the most famous providers of online roulette revealed that player traffic for their various roulette games has increased during the last two weeks. This is due to a series of new bonuses which apply to all casino games at 888 & due to some new roulette games being offered. None the less this means that roulette at 888 Casino could return to its full glory in the upcoming weeks.


Player activity rose by 23.2% during the course of the last two weeks, essentially the new year. Some of the player activity came from people making new accounts with 888 which news a new community of players are now experiencing the various games this casino has to offer. 888 Casino will have to do a number of things in order to ensure that their roulette platforms continue to remain popular as eventually without turning a profit a casino has to remove those games. Roulette is one of the more famous casino games in the world, seeing it leave one of the most popular online casinos in the globe would be unfortunate.

Those wishing to play online roulette at 888 Casino can easily do so by registering an account with them & choosing one of the multiple roulette titles they have to offer.