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Mark Wahlberg Lost $45,000 On Roulette Wager

Mark Wahlberg, one of the top A List Actors in Hollywood recently revealed how deeply how got into the role for his new character in “The Gambler”, a new film produced and directed by the same man who created The Departed. Many Actors have been known to delve deep into their new roles such as Matthew McConaughey or Christian Bale but Mr. Wahlberg tops them all off as he revealed that he lost $45,000 in a single roulette bet preparing for this role, noting that he got immersed into the world and became his character. The paycheck & future royalties he receives for this movie will more than make up for the $45,000 wager he lost.

Mark Wahlberg

Mr. Wahlberg was playing at a casino in Macau, one of the more popular gambling destinations in the world. Macau is so popular that is it beginning to beat out the likes of Las Vegas & Atlantic City. Mark revealed this information while he was promoting his new movie “The Gambler” while on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”. None the less this shocked the audience as this is a year’s wage for the majority of middle class Northern Americans, I suppose that is one of the perks of being a famous Hollywood Star.

Those wishing to see “The Gambler” can do so by attending their local movie theatre’s on Christmas Day, this film will more than likely not receive a large portion of money on its opening day but you can be ensured that it’ll become a successful film in the days coming afterwards its release.

OLG’s New Gaming Site Offering Roulette

The Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corporation announced weeks ago that they would been releasing an online casino to punters in Ontario. This came as a shock to Ontario Citizens as they knew online gambling would be regulated in their province but they didn’t realize how quick the first online casino will be coming. The question that has been pegging everyone’s mind is what kind of games will be available at this online casino. OLG revealed that video slots, video poker, blackjack & roulette would be some of the few games to come to the casino.


This excited players across Ontario as video slots is one of the most popular forms of online gambling but the true game to get everyone’s excitement is roulette. Roulette is a game of chance and luck, it’s enjoyable and a sociable game at the same time. It has always been a fan favorite for players which is why its gaining so much attention from players willing to play in the regulated market. OLG has yet to reveal as to what kind of roulette games will be making their way to the casino, the same applies with every other casino game their going to offer.

None the less this is a big market with eager players. Roulette alone will bring hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue for Ontario which can then be used to bring down the deficit & better Canadian schools, high ways & more. We shall keep you updated on which games are announced before this casino is officially launched.

Roulette & Blackjack Released On

Two new games have made their way to, the Spanish version of the poker firm. These two new games include online roulette & online blackjack. This shocked industry insiders as never before in PokerStars history have they loaded a new kind of casino game to their platform. They’ve always focused on Video Poker and have left blackjack, roulette & slots to Full Tilt Gaming, the sister site to PokerStars.


Amaya Gaming currently owns PokerStars & Full Tilt Gaming. They’ve been re-branding Full Tilt Gaming, making it an accessible casino to punters of all different kinds. It seems that Amaya Gaming also might be considering re-branding PokerStars in the future, using as a reference to see how it would work in other markets. Regardless punters can now experience online roulette & online blackjack at, it should be noted that you need to be in Spain to play these new games.

Amaya Gaming did say the following, “We are committed to PokerStars & Full Tilt Gaming. We know our Spanish punters aren’t pleased with the additions of blackjack & roulette but we are still primarily focused on video poker and only adding these new games to grow our player activity. We have a wider rollout planned for 2015 and we hope that it will allow for us to grow into not only the largest poker brand in Spain but only the largest casino brand as well.”

We will keep you informed on all updates released regarding what Amaya Gaming plans to do with their PokerStars brand.

Live Dealer Roulette Added To Full Tilt

Full Tilt Poker is an online poker room that is well known across the industry, it used to have a bad name due to its previous owners but that has been changing as Amaya Gaming now owners Full Tilt Poker and has begun re-branding it into a new gambling property. Full Tilt Poker is now simply called “Full Tilt” and it offers an array of different casino games for punters to enjoy. You can still experience amazing poker tables but you can also experience slots and other table games. Those table games being run under Evolution Gaming’s Live Dealer Platform which was just revealed to have been loaded onto Full Tilt this week.


You will now be able to experience a number of different live dealer roulette casino games and three different blackjack live dealer casino games. A total of fifty live dealers will be active online at all times during the day, those fifty live dealers will cater towards every punter on Full Tilt playing this software. You can expect the dealers to be young beautiful woman, unfortunately you cannot chat back to them face to face but only chat through the chat bar.

The Evolution Gaming Live Dealer Platform is currently live at Full Tilt. If you wish to experience this platform you can do so by signing up with Full Tilt, use a valid payment method and you’ll be on your way to playing one of these live dealer roulette games.

New South Wales State Seeks Online Gambling Restrictions

New South Wales, a state located within the beautiful country that is Australia has selected a Committee that will work towards creating stronger an stricter regulations for online gambling. Their excuse for this act is that the New South Wales Public could potentially have a series of online gambling addictions that can result in people spending all their money and potentially doing serious harm for themselves. On the other side of the argument it seems that the surrounding area’s have land based casinos, those working in the online gambling industry believe that the committee is just trying to bring money back to those land based casinos.


The suggestions for stronger regulations include harsher consequences for those Australian players who are found to have online gambling addictions. The state committee also wants to be able to close that players bank accounts if it’ll mean that all their money isn’t wasted gambling online.

The goal of these increased laws is so that the New South Wales State citizens don’t become addicted to online gambling. Knowing that these laws have been put in place and that the consequences of those laws are to dire a large majority wouldn’t allow for themselves to become a problem gamblers. Regardless these laws are to strict and the state’s government would have no right to close the bank accounts of these players. These laws wouldn’t just apply to online gamblers but it would also apply to land based gamblers going to the surrounding land based casinos.

Bloodsuckers & Attraction Now Live

Net Entertainments stands as a role model for every other developer operating in the online gambling market. They stand as a role model because their gambling platform is far superior in the sense of quality, their gambling experience is filled with fun moments that are unforgettable and the winning opportunities made through their software is unlike any other gambling platform currently on the market. It is for this reason that Net Entertainment stands as one of the more popular developers in the market and today Net Entertainment made an important announcement which is sure to excite their thousands of fans.


Today Net Entertainment announced that their release a brand new slot for their Desktop Gambling Platform called “Attraction” and that they would be re-releasing one of their beloved slots “Bloodsuckers” for mobile punters. Mobile punters have been awaiting and asking for Bloodsuckers to appear on Net Entertainments mobile gambling platform for the last three months, it seems that Net Entertainment has finally answered their fans calls.

Attraction is a Net Entertainment developers 5 reel, All Payline slot that is based around a laboratory where odd experiments are being conducted on a regular basis. Spinning the reels on this slot you notice various symbols that’d appear in an actual laboratory. Game features for this slot include Wilds, Multipliers and Bonus Rounds.

Bloodsuckers on the other hand is a 5 reel, 25 payline video slot based on the vampire occult. Mobile punters will remember the Bloodsuckers experience fondly while playing this slot on their mobile devices.

Evolution’s Live Dealer Roulette Added To Mecca Bingo

Mecca Bingo is an online gambling operator that is known in the European Union as one of the best bingo halls available. Throughout the years they have added various different casino games to their bingo hall in order to cater to a wider audience of punters. You just don’t have to experience bingo, you can experience other casino games such as slot machines and now roulette. The reason for this is because Mecca Bingo signed a deal with Evolution Gaming, this deal allowing for Mecca Bingo to add the live dealer roulette gambling platform to their bingo hall.

Mecca Bingo currently is owned by the Rank Group who operates a total of ninety six different bingo halls within Britain and the European Union. The rank group also owners a well known casino called Grosvenor Casino. This casino offers a variety of different casino games and scratch card games to their punters.

rankgroup logo

The account manager for Evolution Gaming stated the following during a press conference, “Online and Mobile Bingo is a very social and community-orientated game with players chatting with each other while they play. Live Casino also offers this element with the ability to interact with the dealer through live chat and to hear the dealer’s verbal responses and game commentary. Added to that, Roulette is an endlessly exciting numbers-based game just like Bingo, so there’s a great deal of synergy between the two games.”

Register an account with Mecca Bingo today and receive thirty five Euro’s in free playing money. You can also download the Mecca Bingo mobile app through the iOS App Store and Android App Store.

Bally Technologies Bought Out For $5.1 Billion

Scientific Games revealed this week that they have purchased Bally Technologies for a massive $5.1 Billion while also refinancing all of Bally’s previous existing debts. This is the largest buy out to ever occur in online, land or mobile gambling history. Bally Technologies just doesn’t develop online slots but they also develop land based slot machines, an industry that Scientific Games has never entered.


Scientific Games has to finance themselves out to a bank in order to receive the money needed to purchase Bally Technologies. It should be noted that this deal will more than prove profitable for Scientific Games as Bally Technologies is one of the largest providers of land based slot machines. Their only real competition is International Game Technologies who got nothing compared to Bally Technology.

When asked to comment on the acquisition of Bally Technologies the CEO of Scientific Games Gavin Isaac’s said the following, “The acquisition of Bally provides us with a unique opportunity to combine two exceptional companies with long track records of creating leading-edge games and gaming technology products for players and delivering innovative solutions to our customers.”

“With leading gaming, lottery, and interactive content, world-class systems capabilities and table game offerings, we believe that the combined company will be uniquely positioned as a strategic partner for gaming and lottery operators, offering a highly diversified suite of value-enhancing products and services across multiple worldwide distribution channels and platforms”

We will update you on any new video slots or slot machines released by Bally Technologies in the future. You can expect a scientific games twist with Bally’s new slots.

€220,000 Diamond Tower Jackpot Triggered

Belgium is a beautiful country that has been known for their incredible chocolate. Today Belgium is also known for offering one of the best online gambling industries in the European Union. A punter winning €220,000 while playing at Casino777 only helps proves this statement. The online gambling industry in the European Union continues to grow strong as countries like the United Kingdom, Sweden, Belgium and many more create great gambling experiences for their punters.

European Union Flag

The punter has been contacted for a statement but asked to remain anonymous if he was to make a statement. Eventually after being convinced he made a statement saying, “This win was unexpected and I understand that with this money I will be able to change my life drastically. I couldn’t tell you what I will do with the money I have earned, instead I can only tell you that I plan to use this money towards my retirement fund as my retirement is only six months away. I thank Casino777 for giving me this opportunity.”

Diamond Tower is a simple but exciting video slot machine developed by Lightning Box Games. The slot stands as a 5 reel, 1024 payline slot that offers multiple game feature for the punters amusement. These features include wilds, scatters, bonus rounds and more. Regardless of the feature you trigger multiple winning combinations await punters who play Diamond Tower Jackpot. In order to play this slot though you will be required to register an account with Casino777 or any other casino that offers the Lightning Box Games Platform.

$83,120 Strike Gold Jackpot Won

The USA is known for its land based gambling and still known for its online gambling and to keep that history going strong a player in the USA was able to win $83,120 while playing Strike Gold, a Rival powered slot, at Deserts Nights Casino, an online casino that accepts American players. The best part about the whole situations is that the punter was only betting two dollars a spin but yet she was still able to trigger this large jackpot.

rival gaming logo

Susan K. is the jackpot winner and she made a short statement regarding her win, her statement read as follows: “This was incredibly unbelievable, I couldn’t give you the first clue as to what I will be spending the money on. I could possibly go on a vacation but for now it is nice to know that I have a large amount of money in the bank and that I am financially stable for the time being. It has been a long time since this last happened for me.”

The Casino Manager for the Deserts Night Casino congratulated Miss. K on her jackpot win, when they brought her down from her home in Ohio they made sure to do it in style. She was provided a first class ticket and handed the check in person. They offered her a two day mini vacation at the Hilton Hotel near their main office building and she then later on went home to enjoy her new life.

Desert Nights remains as one of the few casinos that are friendly to USA players. They offers games powered by RTG.