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Naughty Dog Delays Uncharted 4

Naughty Dog, one of the longer surviving video game developers in the industry, announced that they’ve had to delay Uncharted 4 due to a series of issues with their staff. This doesn’t surprise many as Naughty Dog has had four employees leave the company recently, one of them being the creative director behind Uncharted 4. Essentially the game has had to be put on hold until Naughty Dog Executives can find new people to take over the positions now available due to the sudden leaving of four employees.


Naughty Dog made this announcement through their annual investors email saying, “We would like to inform our investors that Uncharted 4 has had to be put on hold due to our creative director, lead designer and other employees leaving the company. We want our investors as well as our fans to have confidence that Uncharted 4 will be an incredible game, we’ve never let you down as a developer before and we aren’t going to start now.”

Clearly Naughty Dog wants everyone to be ensured that Uncharted 4 is in safe hands and will still be an incredible installment in the franchise. It’s true that Naughty Dog has never let down their investors, publishers or fans. Each one of their games continues to impress gamers all around the world. Naughty Dogs last venture “The Last of Us” was named “Game of the Year” by IGN and multiple other industry leaders in 2013.
You will be able to play Uncharted 4 come the January, 2015.

European Live Dealer Casino Launched By Vera&John

Vera&John, a well known online casino announced that they’ve launched a new live dealer casino in the European Online Gambling Market. This new live dealer casino will run under the Evolution Gaming Software, allowing for realistic visuals and compelling gameplay with every hand.

evolution gaming logo

Players will be able to enjoy a variety of new live dealer casino games which includes Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Casino Hold’Em and Three Card Poker. Each new game is being branded by the Casino Paris Brand, this is due to a deal that Casino Paris and Vera&John made earlier on last month.

This primarily European based casino will also join Casino Singapore and Casino Macau, catering to both the European and Asian Markets. This new live dealer Vera& John casino will be available in limited areas around Asia, this is because the casino is mainly meant for European punters.

Kristel Tonna, the Head of Gaming at Vera&John commented on the launch of this casino saying, “We know that our punters have wanted a live dealer casino for a long time. We haven’t been able to provide it to them as we have been working out a deal with Evolution Gaming. That deal was worked out two months ago and since then we have been rushing to release our first live dealer casino. We can’t wait to see the reaction we get from our European Punters, we know that they’ll love the experience we’ve created for them.”

Vera&John also announced that they will be porting over all of Evolution Gaming Live Dealer Products over to their mobile platform, giving the Vera&John Mobile Casino a total of 130 Games.

“The 100 “To Become More Exciting

The CW has recently been making its way as one of the quality broadcast network. They’ve now fallen alongside HBO and AMC, the reason for this because they’ve been creating a series of shows that are full of action, drama and suspense. Their most popular show to date is Arrow, a comic book television show based on the DC Universe property. Arrow has become so popular that it’s spawned off a sequel program called “The Flash”, another comic book show based around a DC Universe Property.


One of the TV shows offered by The CW that isn’t a part of DC Universe is “The 100”. The show is based around a group of survivors who are aboard a space station that has orbited Earth for decades. Earth has been shattered of its beauty and has slowly been re-creating itself through millions of years. After scientists aboard the space station believe that Earth is once again habitable they send a group of one hundred juvenile delinquents back to Earth. Once those one hundred individuals land on Earth they find that not only has Earth become habitable again but much has changed since humans once walked the earth.

The executive producer behind the show stated the following, “The 100 has become a popular show as the CW Network. We have been renewed for a second season and don’t take this lightly. We plan to increase the action, drama and suspense in the show in order to make the viewers experience more thrilling.

PlayStation 4 Beating Xbox One

Playstation has been beating out the Xbox One since both of these consoles launched back in November of 2013. During the month of November, Playstation was able to sell a over one million consoles while Xbox was only able to sell roughly five hundred thousand consoles. Playstation has now sold over seven million copies of the Playstation 4 with the number rising every month. Xbox on the other hand has only been able to sell roughly three million units since November, showing that Playstation has the lead in this generations console wars.

Playstation 4

Even though Playstation has sold more consoles than Xbox, they haven’t been able to sell more games than the Xbox One. The reason for this is because the original creators of Medal of Honor and Call of Duty created a new video game exclusive to the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. This new game is Titanfall, you are placed into a futuristic environment where you battle different factions in order to save earth. You can either run around the map with new parkour elements designed into the gameplay or you can jump into your Titan. While in the Titan you can’t help but to feel as if you’re a god amongst man, you boast massive weapons and special abilities that allow for you to dominate the battlefield.

Even though Playstation doesn’t offer Titanfall they do boast titles such as Infamous Second Son and Metal Gear Solid. There are more exclusives to come from Playstation such as The Order 1866 and many more.

AGA Chief Appeases Sheldon Adelson

During an interview with a Las Vegas Reviewer, Jim Murren the chairman behind the American Gaming Association said that he would like to have his group tone down how much they are supporting legalizing online gambling. He wants to do this in order not to fracture the current members in the group and keep things civil amongst his fellow co-workers.

Las Vegas Reviewer

Jim Murren also stands as the CEO of MHM International, he said that even though he owns a land based casino the AGA still supports the legalization of online poker. Even though they still support legal online poker they have to slow down with supporting legal online poker in order not to agitate AGA Members such as Las Vegas Sands. Sheldon Adelson, the owner of Las Vegas Sands is a massive supporter of banning all online gambling in the USA.”

Murren commented on the matter stating, “I don’t want the AGA to be a part of a large amount of controversy and infighting amongst our various members. Regardless if online gambling could profit our country, my main concern is keeping lifelong members such as Mr. Adelson happy with the present form of online gambling in the USA.”

Mr. Murren also noted that he has not discussed the issues relating to online gambling with Mr. Adelson. It is doubtful that they will in the near future as Mr. Adelson has said he will do whatever he needs to in order to see online gambling banned in the USA.”

10p Tiki Temple Jackpot Triggered

The other day we reported on a jackpot win that occurred at JackpotJoy. This jackpot win happened when a punter was spinning the reels at Tiki Temple and once again another jackpot has been triggered in this slot. This just helps confirm that the slot is becoming increasingly popular and this jackpot win once again occurred at JackpotJoy. In order to win this jackpot you must choose to play the 10p variant of the slot, this punter was able to win £240,717.

Tiki Temple slot

JackpotJoy commented only hours earlier they made a press conference for another jackpot win, this time they stated: “We are absolutely shocked to see another jackpot win occur on Tiki Temple in just one day. We don’t know what to say except that we congratulate both of the players that won these progressive jackpots. This punter briefly spoke to us saying that he has no idea what he is going to use his money with except that he might purchase a new Tesla.”

This jackpot win marks the 32nd time someone has triggered a jackpot while playing Tiki Temple. It is rare for a jackpot to be won twice in the same day at the same slot but it is unheard of to see a jackpot be won at the same slot with the same casino. This 10p jackpot is also considerably larger than the normal amount won with the 10p jackpot normally paying out £153,029.

Rights Behind Gay Footballers Program Extended By Paddy Power

Irish based betting firm, Paddy Power, announced that they have extended its campaign that helps market gay footballers in a way that is positive. The campaign is called “Rights Behind Gay Footballers” and the campaign is a series of advertisements that try to show you that being gay is okay. The campaign has been given an extra year to run.

The program which was originally created back in 2013 saw two betting firms, Stonewall and Paddy Power fighting the good fight against homophobia by asking famous Football players to wear rainbow show laces. Eventually the campaign became more than that and resulted in ads that supported gay footballs. The campaign was developed by Crispin Porter & Bugusky while the original idea for this campaign was created by the Lucky Generals.

Commenting on the extension for this campaign is Christian Woolfenden, the marketing director for Paddy Power and he said, “I was impressed to see how popular this ad campaign became throughout Ireland and the UK. We were fearless in our advertisements and creativity, we wanted our citizens as well as other citizens throughout Europe to realize that being gay isn’t a crime but that it is something you are born as and it is okay.”

He continued on by saying, “We had a fantastic start to this campaign in 2013 and we hope to abolish homophobia as a whole in Ireland by the end of 2014. We stand as one of the largest betting firms in a country that loves to gamble online. We have a great impact on social behaviour and this is why we have chosen to fight against people who discriminate against the gays.”.

Pro-Online Betting Op-Ed Written Up By Former US Representative

Mary Bono, the former US Representative and Chairwoman for the House of Commerce Subcommittee announced that she wrote an Op-Ed named “Roll Call” in which she came out that she supports legal online gambling and the regulation of the industry. She also bashed the anti-gambling groups that oppose online gambling such as “The Sheldon Adelson Anti-Gambling Coalition”.

In her Op-Ed Roll Call Bono said, “Congress should be very careful in what they do next with online gambling and shouldn’t rush to ban online gambling as a whole in the USA. Whether you like to gamble or not it stands as profitable industry that will bring in a massive amount of tax revenue for the country. The prohibition of online gambling will only allow for more illegal activity to occur in our country and it’ll begin to make the Internet an unlawful place.”

She continued on by saying that if Congress was were to ban online gambling the public would embrace illegal online casinos, poker rooms, sports betting and more.
Miss. Bono stressed in her Op-Ed that a large percentage of US citizens have already begun to gamble online with illegal casinos or poker rooms. She noted that if online gambling isn’t legalized our prison systems will once again be backed up with more criminals that are not needed to be here.

Unfortunately the United States of America has never thought about their people in the last four to five decades. It’s about the money and not the people.

Politician In New Jersey Tries To Internationalize Online Betting In The Garden State

Raymond Lesniak, an online gambling advocate and New Jersey State Senator introduced a new bill that would have the Garden State’s regulated online gambling services become available to international players.

This bill has a specific goal in mind, that one goal to make New Jersey became an online gambling hub within the United States of American that offers operators all around the globe with the opportunity to receive that famous New Jersey experience from the comfort of their home. Regulators such as Gibraltar, Alderney and Malta would be able to license casinos that wish to operate within the state. The servers would have to be within New Jersey, thus by allowing for the state to watch over all of the gambling activity.

This bill also would ensure that the operators for these online casinos would abide by the tax revenues and gambling laws that the state has put into order. This means that all operators that wish to start an online casino within New Jersey will have to pay a 15% tax on their gaming revenues and they’d also have to pay a 2.5% tax rate towards the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority.

Operators will be happy to know that there are various tax credits put into play in order to lower the tax burdens that the operators have. The bill would allow for both internet casino games, table games, arcade games and poker games to be all be legalized on an international basis. The bill is being looked over by the US Supreme Court . It is unclear as what they plan on doing with the future of this bill.

Play’n Go Games Added To Gr88 Casino

Online casino Gr88, announced that they are adding nineteen of the Play’n Go Titles to their gaming library. This will help boost the current library of games they have from just Microgaming. Allowing for Gr88 to offer a more extensive portfolio of casino games to their players.

Players of Gr88 will be able to enjoy a variety of different new video slots from Play’n Go. These instant play developed slots include Energoonz, Wild Blood, Aztec Idols, Gold Trophy 2, Rich Wilde and so much more. Regardless of which Play’n Go video slot you choose to play you’ll be drawn into the experience of the game and you’ll want to play more video slots created by Play’n Go. As time continues to pass on by us Gr88 will release more games from Play’n Go, allowing for them to constantly expand their library of games.

David Hollingsworth, the Casino Manager for Gr88 commented on the addition of video slots to their library saying, “We wanted our players to have as many casino games as possible so that they may have a wide variety of games to choose from. This has always been the plan and we will continue to follow by that plan regardless of what we must do. We now just don’t only offer a wide variety of Microgaming titles but we now also offer a wide variety of Play’n Go titles as well. We will continue to release more games as the weeks pass on by us.”