Evolution’s Live Dealer Roulette Added To Mecca Bingo

Mecca Bingo is an online gambling operator that is known in the European Union as one of the best bingo halls available. Throughout the years they have added various different casino games to their bingo hall in order to cater to a wider audience of punters. You just don’t have to experience bingo, you can experience other casino games such as slot machines and now roulette. The reason for this is because Mecca Bingo signed a deal with Evolution Gaming, this deal allowing for Mecca Bingo to add the live dealer roulette gambling platform to their bingo hall.

Mecca Bingo currently is owned by the Rank Group who operates a total of ninety six different bingo halls within Britain and the European Union. The rank group also owners a well known casino called Grosvenor Casino. This casino offers a variety of different casino games and scratch card games to their punters.

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The account manager for Evolution Gaming stated the following during a press conference, “Online and Mobile Bingo is a very social and community-orientated game with players chatting with each other while they play. Live Casino also offers this element with the ability to interact with the dealer through live chat and to hear the dealer’s verbal responses and game commentary. Added to that, Roulette is an endlessly exciting numbers-based game just like Bingo, so there’s a great deal of synergy between the two games.”

Register an account with Mecca Bingo today and receive thirty five Euro’s in free playing money. You can also download the Mecca Bingo mobile app through the iOS App Store and Android App Store.

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