Hanover’s Maryland Casino Being Sued

The Hanover’s Maryland Live Casino is currently being sued by a previous player who has stated that he was struck by a roulette ball that left the wheel. Due to the fact that ball was spinning so fast it caused for this young man to have a severe wound on his left eye, causing for him to suffer from blindness within his left eye.

Hanover’s Maryland Live Casino

This has caused for the injured man, Leander Stocks to sue the casino for $150,000 for one count of negligence and another $150,000 for battery. Stocks also stated that after his eye was hit by the roulette ball an employee put eye drops into his eye without his consent, causing for him to no longer properly see with his vision and then he knocked himself out by slamming against a door, causing for more injuries to be sustained. This entire lawsuit is coming off as a little sketchy and it seems that this young man is just trying to find a cash grab. There is video evidence disproving what he says, at least this is what Maryland casino has stated and they plan on bringing that footage to court once the date has been sent.

The casino tried to have this case dismissed from court though and is was denied, this means that the casino could be worried that their video evidence isn’t enough to withstand them of any funds they might have to pay. None the less it seems that this is going to court and the judge on that day will decide as to who is telling the truth.

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