JackpotJoy Breaks United Kingdom Advertising Laws –


JackpotJoy, one of the more popular United Kingdom based online casinos has been charged a small fine due to running an advertisement that goes against the UK Laws. This offending TV spot got a series of complaints from multiple people around the UK which prompted this investigation and ultimately the fine.

This TV Spot which showcased online roulette, blackjack, slots, poker and arcade games also noted that there are ten thousand jackpots won every hour and that ten thousand Euro’s is once at least one time every hour. The UK Advertising Standards Authority stated that this is false information and that was misleading and could never possibly be backed up. Unfortunately this is true as there is no online casino in the world that has ten thousand jackpots won every hour and it’s just as unlikely that the casino would have ten thousand Euro’s won every hour on the hour.

As a result of this misleading and offending advertisement JackpotJoy has been charged with a small fine of one thousand euro’s and they’re no longer allowed for run the advertisement in the current form. They must also greatly amend the current advertisement where it’ll then be reviewed by the ASA, if the ASA approves then JackpotJoy can run their new advertisement without any issues.

We shall keep you informed as to what JackpotJoy plans on doing or if they plan on making a statement to their United Kingdom based players for their false claims.

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