New South Wales State Seeks Online Gambling Restrictions

New South Wales, a state located within the beautiful country that is Australia has selected a Committee that will work towards creating stronger an stricter regulations for online gambling. Their excuse for this act is that the New South Wales Public could potentially have a series of online gambling addictions that can result in people spending all their money and potentially doing serious harm for themselves. On the other side of the argument it seems that the surrounding area’s have land based casinos, those working in the online gambling industry believe that the committee is just trying to bring money back to those land based casinos.


The suggestions for stronger regulations include harsher consequences for those Australian players who are found to have online gambling addictions. The state committee also wants to be able to close that players bank accounts if it’ll mean that all their money isn’t wasted gambling online.

The goal of these increased laws is so that the New South Wales State citizens don’t become addicted to online gambling. Knowing that these laws have been put in place and that the consequences of those laws are to dire a large majority wouldn’t allow for themselves to become a problem gamblers. Regardless these laws are to strict and the state’s government would have no right to close the bank accounts of these players. These laws wouldn’t just apply to online gamblers but it would also apply to land based gamblers going to the surrounding land based casinos.

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