Opening an Account at a Roulette Site

The first step to opening an account at an online casino roulette site is obviously to choose the right online casino for you.  This is a very personal option and our aim is to guide your rather than to convince you about which site to choose.

Opening an Account at a Roulette Site: Choose the Right Casino 

The best way to choose the right online casino roulette site for you is to do some research.  You won’t just open a bank account at a bank you have never heard of, so why consider spending money at a casino before checking out its credentials.

We have played at loads of online casinos and in the process we have learnt how to sift the good from the bad.  Firstly, you can have a look at online casino review sites and see what they have to say about the roulette offerings of various sites.  Secondly, have a look at consumer complaints sites to further sift out some sites that have disappointed customers in the past.  Thirdly, find a good online casino roulette forum and spend some time reading up on other people’s experiences.  It may seem like a schlep, but two hours of reading is much less pain than losing $200 to a bad online casino. 

Opening an Account at a Roulette Site: It’s Easier than You Thought

Opening an account at a roulette site is really very easy.  Online casinos know that the type of players that visit them don’t want to spend hours sifting through info, so they spell it out for you step by step.

So once you have found the online casino of your choice (and you have read up that they have good roulette game offerings) you have to download their software.  After downloading the software you will have a choice of either registering for a real money account or just playing for free.  After trying the free games and still liking the online casino, you’ll want to open and account and register your details with them.  At this stage you’ll have to give personal information like your name, contact details and address, and perhaps payment details.

If you did your homework and found a reputable online casino, you never have to worry about providing these details.  If, however, you are still not sure or if you live in a country where you can’t use your credit card or bank account to fund online casino spend, simply use a third party payment option.  If you already have an account with one of the major third party payment players like PayPal, Moneybookers (Skrill) etc. Just use that and the online casino will never be privy to your banking details.

Opening an Account at a Roulette Site: Six Steps

1. Choose an online casino

2. Download the online casino roulette software

3. Install the online casino roulette software

4. Create an online casino roulette account

5. Start playing

6. Always remember to have fun.