Roulette & Blackjack Released On

Two new games have made their way to, the Spanish version of the poker firm. These two new games include online roulette & online blackjack. This shocked industry insiders as never before in PokerStars history have they loaded a new kind of casino game to their platform. They’ve always focused on Video Poker and have left blackjack, roulette & slots to Full Tilt Gaming, the sister site to PokerStars.


Amaya Gaming currently owns PokerStars & Full Tilt Gaming. They’ve been re-branding Full Tilt Gaming, making it an accessible casino to punters of all different kinds. It seems that Amaya Gaming also might be considering re-branding PokerStars in the future, using as a reference to see how it would work in other markets. Regardless punters can now experience online roulette & online blackjack at, it should be noted that you need to be in Spain to play these new games.

Amaya Gaming did say the following, “We are committed to PokerStars & Full Tilt Gaming. We know our Spanish punters aren’t pleased with the additions of blackjack & roulette but we are still primarily focused on video poker and only adding these new games to grow our player activity. We have a wider rollout planned for 2015 and we hope that it will allow for us to grow into not only the largest poker brand in Spain but only the largest casino brand as well.”

We will keep you informed on all updates released regarding what Amaya Gaming plans to do with their PokerStars brand.

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