Roulette Odds

There are simply strategies you can use to improve your odds when playing online casino roulette.  In a matter of honesty, it has to be stated that roulette is not the online casino game with the biggest odds in terms of long term success.  Yes because it’s a game of chance obviously you will have as much chance as anyone to win big but there are other games that offer you a better chance of winning because American roulette, for instance, has a house edge/ advantage of 5.26 percent.

Improving Your Roulette Odds: The Basics 

The only way you can increase your chances of winning while playing online casino roulette is to learn more about strategy and then to employ that strategy while you play this game.  At first it won’t make sense to see how other players place their bets but in time you’ll start to through their strategy.

It’s always better to make a variety of bets, even though this is a bit more challenging than single bets.  There are two ways you can ensure to keep things simple:

  1. Stick to outside bets and only bet at the table minimum.  This is a really good way to start off.  You will choose between red or black for every spin.  With this bet you get a one in one payout and you win for 18 out of the 38 combinations.
  2. Put the same amount on money on two outside bets: one on a column or dozen and 1 on an even money play.  With this bet you are covered by 26 possible winning slots and some of them will be covered more than once.

Improving Your Roulette Odds: European Roulette

One of the simplest ways to increase your online casino roulette odds is to simply play European roulette.  This game has a house edge of 2.63 %, almost HALF of what the average American roulette wheel has on offer.  It is difficult to find these wheels at land based casinos but luckily online casinos are more willing to offer this game because they have lower overhead costs.  The reason this game has better winning odds is because it has only one zero slot and no double zero slot, which increases your chance of winning.

Improving Your Roulette Odds: In Summary

Online roulette is still a fun game to play and there are ways to decrease the house edge.  Some people will tell you that online roulette will drain your wallet more than pad it because the wagers don’t pay out enough.  The reason they say that is if you are playing a wheel with 38 numbers (the one with the thirty six plus the zero and double zero slot) your chances of getting a certain number on one bet are thirty seven to one but the house only pays you thirty five to one if you do win this bet.  Combination bets work the same way and it is true that the online casino or ‘house’ as we call it does have a big edge on this game.