Royal Panda Player Wins $50,000

Royal Panda is an online casino which focuses mainly on their live dealer casino games. This means their punters have access to an array of different live titles at their fingertips. One fortunate punter was able to experience the full swing of their products when he or she won $50,000 while playing at the casino.

Royal Panda  roulette

This punter wasn’t playing blackjack or baccarat, instead he was playing online roulette. Apparently this winning player is located in the United Kingdom, his personal information has yet to be revealed or won’t be in general. The winning player did reveal a short statement saying, “I’m thrilled to win, I don’t even know what to so. You never think you’ll win this kind of money while playing roulette. I don’t know what to do with this money but you can bet that it’ll take a loot of my stress away. Probably take a vacation with a girlfriend to.”

Royal Panda does offer other casino games other then live roulette. It also offers live blackjack, baccarat, keno and a variety of video slots as well. This’ll give all whom want more of a variety in their gambling experience will receive just that. In order to play at Royal Panda all that is needed is for players to sign up a player account with the casino, they’ll then be able use a valid payment method in order to complete their registration and have access to hundreds of casino games. Congratulations to the United Kingdom winning player of the $50,000.

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